Investment in Real Estate 
Made Simple

Through Passive Investing

Helping our clients add private real estate investments to their portfolios passively by sourcing and operating Real Estate deals from across the top markets in the country.

Generate Predictable Income

VonFinch Capital Offers Investors an opportunity to invest in Promissory Notes with a fixed rate of return up to 10%

Choose from Flexible Terms

Choose from note terms ranging from 1-5 years.
Principal is expected to be repaid at maturity of note.

Promissory Note Program

Earn passive income and diversify your portfolio with promissory notes, available for a limited time.

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Why Real Estate?

We know that there are many avenues in building an investment portfolio, however, few busy professionals and entrepreneurs hold investment Real Estate because they lack the time, expertise, or relationships to invest.

This is a problem because,
Investment Real Estate is a critical part
of any diversified investment portfolio.

To Overcome These Challenges…

Private Real Estate Investments

We help our clients add private Real Estate investments to their portfolios passively by investing alongside experienced experts.
Our investors gain access to institutional-quality, private real estate investments that are not available to the general public.
All of which simplifies the process of investing passively in real estate.


Diversification is a critical component of creating financial independence because it spreads out risk – which often leads to increased predictability & consistency of outcome.
This is something nearly all of us want when investing.

Real Estate Unique Features

Diverse Profitability

A combination of short-term and long-term earning potential as well as diversification power not found in other asset classes, such as the stock market

Consistent Income

Not only is Real Estate used by many smart investors to build wealth, it has the ability to earn consistent income and has a track record of long-term appreciation.

High Performance

In fact, those who diversify a portion of their portfolio in Real Estate investments have historically outperformed those who haven’t.

At VonFinch Capital

  • Our Goal Is

  • Our Focus Is

  • We Believe In

Our goal is to help investors create tax-efficient income streams and grow their wealth by investing in growing markets across the U.S.
We help our clients add private Real Estate investments to their portfolios passively by investing alongside experienced experts who have a proven track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our business approach

  • Our Philosophy

  • Our 2 Core Beliefs

  • Expertise and Experience

One of the most powerful tools

We believe that real estate is one of the most powerful tools to create a better life. We strive to create an impact in the communities we invest within, the tenants who rent our units, and the partners we work with.
Because of this, we believe in truly aligned interests; meaning when you succeed, we succeed together.
We bring decades of experience to each investment, which has led to incredible results for our clients.

3 Reasons a Portfolio May Lack
Investment Real Estate:

Unaware of Opportunities

Many aren’t even aware that there is an option of investing in real estate without being the direct owner-manager – retaining all the credit & liability risk.

Limited by Pre-Existing Knowledge

Others believe they are limited to public REITs, which tend to mirror the downsides of the stock market, offering lower returns, all without the incredible tax-benefits of ownership. (Find a better option!)

No Time, Experience or Network

There are others who may lack the knowledge, time, experience, and network of experienced real estate operators & sponsors to confidently invest in institutional quality real estate projects that offer better returns. (We offer those!)

Lack of Portfolio Diversification

Many investors’ portfolios are heavily weighted in one asset class – typically stocks and publicly traded assets, leading to a lack of diversification. (We can help diversify!)

“[I have] known Steven for about four years now, and have invested in several deals with VonFinch, which have worked out fantastic.

I’ve always found Steven to be a super hardworking, conscientious, diligent, takes care of any particular issues that come up on the projects.

I plan on investing in future deals with Steven and VonFinch and would recommend the same to other investors as well.”

Mike Foley

…. “I’m a full-time investor. I flipped over 1,000 houses. I have 20 million lent out to flippers in different markets around the country. We see a lot of different investors in different ways. I have to tell you that VonFinch is at the top of the list, with regard to quality and ethics and doing what they say.

Thank you very much, Steven and VonFinch. Appreciate everything you guys do. Glad to work with you guys again in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Matt Owens

“I have been working with Steven & VonFinch Capital for about a year now. I have invested in 2 deals now with VonFinch, the first deal went really well and closed out early and the second is going as planned…

One thing I like about Steven is his authentic desire to help people grow their wealth, he goes through all the details patiently & is always responsive via email or call”

Darin Letzring

“I invested in Steven Pesavento’s company. It was a positive experience, and he was very thorough in communication on the front end and all throughout the process, all the way until the exit.

We’re actually talking again on how I can invest in the projects that he’s got going on in his company. So appreciate you, Steven, everything you’re doing, look forward to working with you again soon.”

Chris Bounds

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Our Team Members

Steven Pesavento

President & Founder

Steven Pesavento is a real estate entrepreneur and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Investing full-time since 2016, he’s completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 houses, and transacted over $180,000,000 in investment real estate. Steven’s investors have entrusted him with over $40 million of investor capital, delivering solid consistent returns.

Jed Cooper

Investor Relations

Jed Cooper, a seasoned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, specializes in comprehensive financial planning for high net worth individuals. With expertise in asset growth and wealth preservation, he offers tailored strategies in traditional and alternative asset classes, including real estate. Jed's has a relentless commitment to client satisfaction & success. 

David Laferriere

Director Of Operations

David, the Director of Operations at VonFinch Capital, brings a wealth of experience as a former CFO and founder of his own companies. With expertise in financial strategy and operational excellence, he safeguards assets while driving business growth. His dedication to professional development makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Nadina f.

Executive Assistant

Nadina is a highly skilled professional with 20 years of experience in customer service and the travel industry. Her expertise in customer service led her to her current role as an executive assistant, where she handles high-level support tasks for senior executives.


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You can build wealth through Passive Investing in real estate without dealing with the headache of management.

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