Thank you for reserving your investment in Auburn Summit Portfolio, Auburn AL 
by making a soft reservation with us at VonFinch Capital.

You can view the video for instructions on what is required next, or proceed to the Portal if this is not your first time investing with VonFinch

Step 1

Sign-Up to
View Documents


Step 2

Click “Offerings” to review
the investment opportunity

Step 3

Follow the prompt
to submit your offer

Step 4

E-Sign the documents:
Then you’ll receive wiring instructions

Step 5

We will review
your documents

Step 6

Wire the funds

Step 7

Your CPA will verify your accredited status

Step 8

Wait for closing


Your investment is not final until you have completed the investor documents
(Private Placement Memorandum – PPM) and sent in your funds.

The submission of this form does not lock you in, nor does it guarantee you a spot in the deal.
Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Auburn Summit Portfolio is a value-add investment that will make your money work for you.

Before that can happen, though, there’s a three-step process before your investment will be finalized:

  1. Register for the Portal 
  2. Subscription Documents need to be reviewed and signed
  3. Funds will need to be wired

You can view the offer memorandum here