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Why VonFinch Capital?

Our Goal is

Our goal is to help investors create tax-efficient income streams and grow their wealth by investing in growing markets across the U.S.

We help our clients add private Real Estate investments to their portfolios passively by investing alongside experienced experts who have a proven track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our Focus is

Our focus is specifically on large multifamily properties. We leverage local operators to execute the day to day business plan while partnering with investors just like you who get a benefit from the upside on the investments.

We Believe That

We believe in true partnerships that create true passive income while growing your portfolio, creating diversification, and most importantly, investing with experts who’ve been down this path before.

Benefits of Investing in MultiFamily

Passive Income

Earn cash-flow dividends that create true passive income that you can count on.

Net Worth Growth

Increase your portfolio’s returns at an exponential rate with well selected investments.

Tax Benefits

Reduce, defer, or eliminate taxes on the profits from real estate investments.


Reduce risk by investing across multiple properties, markets, or asset types.

Our 2 Core Beliefs


Together we build a diversified portfolio within the real estate sector that will support you across market cycle changes.  

We focus on sourcing projects that are able to offer different return profiles for investors of all types.  

We diversify across properties, markets, asset size and type, and strategies.  
This allows our clients access to deals that provide cash-flow, equity-growth, or a hybrid we call cash-growth, which blends income with appreciation

Invest with Experts

The advantage of investing in private real estate offerings is the ability to leverage expert sponsors experience, time, network, and access to capital. 

This allows passive investors the ability to access the upside of private real-estate without the responsibility of active management. 

Often this leads to strong returns, lower risk, and the ability to truly diversify within your portfolio.

Investors benefit from the majority of the profit upside, while spending no time managing their real estate investments.

Expertise and Experience

To be the most effective and reduce risk to ensure stability for you, we’ve created strategic partnerships with expert managers who have 10+ years of experience, who’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars in multifamily assets. You benefit from the team’s experience. 

When these partnerships are paired with diversification across properties, markets, operators, and asset classes, this leads to increased stability within your portfolio.

Our network of investors gains access to institutional-quality, private real estate investments that are not available to the general public.

All of which simplifies the process of investing passively in Real Estate.

Our Process


Source Properties

  • Find great properties through our deep local networks.

Evaluate Returns

  • Select profitable deals that match our business plan

Due Diligence

  • Perform deep due diligence on properties to reduce risk.

Fund & Close

  • Source debt & equity required to close on the property.

Operate Asset

  • Execute the business plan to increase income & decrease expenses. 

Distribute Cash Flows

  • Process distributions, typically monthly or quarterly project dependent.

Some of our Past Deals & Return Details

Canopy Creek Apartments

Project Sources: $33,134,622
Project Timeline: 5 Years
Projected Returns: 8% preferred return yearly / Projected 18% IRR
Projected Equity Multiple: 1.9
Location: Jacksonsville, Florida
Strategy: Value-Add
Status: Owned

Canopy Creek Apartments is made up of 288 deferred-maintenance and non-upgraded units located in the Jacksonville, FL market. We were able to purchase this property off-market, leveraging the sponsor teams cash to secure the property nearly $1 Million below the matching-comparable. Construction will be executed on this project by a contractor that has worked with the sponsor team on multiple past deals. Rents will then be pushed $160-$345 on renewals to catch up to market rents. It will begin to reposition from a C class property to a B class property.

Canopy Creek Header
Mesa Verde


Project Sources: $71,000,000
Project Timeline: 10 Year
Projected Returns: 7% preferred return yearly / Projected 18% IRR
Projected Equity Multiple: 3.2x
Location: Denver, CO
Strategy: Value-Add CashGrowth
Status: Owned

Purchased off-market, direct from seller, who’s owned the property since 1975. Property is below market on average $383 per month compared to renovated units and 10-15% below as-is unitsleaving significant upside potential. Property is well-located 10 miles outside of Denver in a great neighborhood surrounded by A-Class & B-Class apartments, making the rental pricing even more compelling for renters.

Timber Ridge Apartments

Project Sources: $5,860,000
Project Timeline: 3 Years
Projected Returns: 20% IRR // 25.79% Annual
Projected Equity Multiple: 1.7 (3 Year)
Location: Denver, CO
Strategy: Redevelopment
Status: Owned

Redevelopment of Timber Ridge Apartments will reposition this asset, by renovating all units at once, while improving the tenant base to prepare for sale by end of year three. Leveraging the sponsors extensive track record, existing relationships and direct construction management. This project is designed to cater to investors who are looking for downside protection, while maximizing overall investment return.

The Retreat

The Retreat (Formerly La Cresenta) 

Project Sources: $45,000,000
Project Timeline: 2-5 Year
Projected Returns: 7% preferred return yearly / Projected 16% IRR
Projected Equity Multiple: 1.9x
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Strategy: Value-Add Equity Growth
Status: Owned

This fantastic, value-add opportunity consists of 197 units. Built in 1963, this property was purchased off-market, and has been owned and self-managed by the same group since the early 1990s. The property offers a significant value-add opportunity, as 100% of the units have classic interior finishes, which we will renovate to our platinum interior program. It is nestled in between major freeway systems like the Loop 202, Loop 101 and the US-60, which allows tenants to reach major employment hubs within minutes

What People Are Saying About VonFinch Capital

“[I have] known Steven for about four years now, and have invested in several deals with VonFinch, which have worked out fantastic.

I’ve always found Steven to be a super hardworking, conscientious, diligent, takes care of any particular issues that come up on the projects.

I plan on investing in future deals with Steven and VonFinch and would recommend the same to other investors as well.”

Mike Foley

…. “I’m a full-time investor. I flipped over 1,000 houses. I have 20 million lent out to flippers in different markets around the country. We see a lot of different investors in different ways. I have to tell you that VonFinch is at the top of the list, with regard to quality and ethics and doing what they say.

Thank you very much, Steven and VonFinch. Appreciate everything you guys do. Glad to work with you guys again in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Matt Owens

“I invested in Steven Pesavento’s company. It was a positive experience, and he was very thorough in communication on the front end and all throughout the process, all the way until the exit.

We’re actually talking again on how I can invest in the projects that he’s got going on in his company. So appreciate you, Steven, everything you’re doing, look forward to working with you again soon.”

Chris Bounds

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The Retreat

The Retreat is just one example of a deal that was only available to investors who have established a relationship by simply scheduling a brief call with us.

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