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The Strategy for our Denver Fund is very simple.

We're buying Mid-Size Multifamily Properties at 20-30% below market value & packaging them all together after improvements and stabilization to sell as a portfolio to an institutional buyer. 

This is a traditional private equity "roll-up" strategy and the Denver Market is ripe for this due to so many mid-size multifamily sellers being unable to find buyers.

We're confident in our ability to execute on this strategy and delivered the advertised returns to our investors.

But why should you trust us? 

We have a track of delivering time & time again. You'll find that track record and commitment to service in our pitch decks and in your conversation with us. But where it really shows up is in our deal structure. We put our money where our mouth is and we don't win until we've doubled your money.If you're looking for a sponsor whose interests are actually aligned with yours...

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