Our Mission: 
Help Others Live A Better Life Everyday Through Real Estate 
The Team at VonFinch has grown dramatically over the years. At our inception we were simple a homebuying company, focused on buying homes directly from sellers, renovating and reselling those properties to new families. We've been building and flipping house for over 20 years.

We're grateful for all the lives we've touched transacting over $22 Million in residential real estate deals in the past two years alone. 
Over the past few years we've grown our offerings to include: 
  - Homebuying: Simplifying the process of selling your property. 
  - Off Marketing Residential Deals: Delivering Exceptional Off Market Homes for Flippers & Landlords
  - Commercial Lending: Providing Commercial Funding For Investors
  - Commercial Acquisition: Finding, Underwriting, Captial & Purchasing Commercial Property
Our growth has been in large part to our incredible team across the Residential and Commercial sectors. Without the experience of our partners and the commitment of our internal team, none of this would be possible. 
We look forward to serving you. 
"I trust the team behind VonFinch. I've know the owners for years and they are the type of people who do the right thing"
Mathew Owens
CoFound Of OCG Properties
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