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You too, can build wealth through Passive Investing in real estate without dealing with the headaches of management associated with Active Investing & flipping single units.

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The Ultimate Guide to Passive Investing is your playbook for hands-off real estate investing.
It will lay a solid foundation and help you get answers to some of your passive investing questions.

Steven Pesavento guides you along the path bringing together lessons
 learned from interviewing some of the most successful investors and entrepreneurs in the world!

After studying this guide you’ll be ready to make smart financial decisions for your family
that will set them up for generations to come.

All This And Much More... 

  • Getting started in Multi-Family
  • Getting clear on your goals and purpose
  • The 5 Core Advantages of Real Estate Investing
  • Active Investing vs Passive Investing
  • Cashflow vs Appreciation
  • How Syndication works
  • How to find potential deals
  • Understanding an investment summary
  • Finding the right market
  • How to vet potential sponsors
  • Market Demand
  • Questions to ask the General Partner
  • Key Terms

What People Are Saying About VonFinch Capital

“[I have] known Steven for about four years now, and have invested in several deals with VonFinch, which have worked out fantastic.

I’ve always found Steven to be a super hardworking, conscientious, diligent, takes care of any particular issues that come up on the projects.

I plan on investing in future deals with Steven and VonFinch and would recommend the same to other investors as well.”

Mike Foley

“I invested in Steven Pesavento’s company. It was a positive experience, and he was very thorough in communication on the front end and all throughout the process, all the way until the exit.

We’re actually talking again on how I can invest in the projects that he’s got going on in his company.

So appreciate you, Steven, everything you’re doing, look forward to working with you again soon.”

Chris Bounds

“I’m a California licensed CPA and full-time investor. I’ve worked with Steven Pesavento and VonFinch in multiple different ways, from lending, to different projects and things like that.

Every single time, I’m extremely impressed by the communication that I see consistently across the board, with regard to Steven and his team, as well as honestly, doing what they say they’re going to do.

I’ve always been paid back all of my funding and things like that on different investments that I’ve worked with, with VonFinch.

I’m a full-time investor. I flipped over 1,000 houses. I have 20 million lent out to flippers in different markets around the country. We see a lot of different investors in different ways. I have to tell you that VonFinch is at the top of the list, with regard to quality and ethics and doing what they say.

Thank you very much, Steven and VonFinch. Appreciate everything you guys do. Glad to work with you guys again in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Matt Owens

About Me.

Hi, I’m Steven Pesavento,
Host of The Investor Mindset Podcast.

I am a real estate entrepreneur and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Being a full-time investor since 2016, I've completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 houses, and transacted over $180,000,000 in investment real estate.

It's Time.

Make Your Money Work For You

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep,
you will work until you die”.
- Warren Buffet