Predictable Fixed-Income With Promissory Notes

Monthly Passive Income With Interest Up To 10% Backed By Real Estate

Generate Predictable Income
VonFinch Capital Offers Investors an opportunity to invest in Promissory Notes with a fixed rate of return up to 10%.

Trusted by Investors Nationwide

100% Repayment Rate

Authentic desire to help people grow their wealth.

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Note Program Benefits

Income Generating

Benefit from scheduled monthly interest payments throughout the term or take advantage of monthly compounding to accelerate growth.

Flexible Terms

Choose from note terms ranging from 1-5 years. Principal is expected to be repaid at maturity of note.

Strategic Cash Investment

Poor cash returns can have a detrimental impact on a portfolio’s total performance, especially in this current inflationary environment. Promissory Notes offer a potential solution, with no management fees charged.

Rollover Option

Option to automatically roll over your investment so you don’t miss out on earning interest or Transfer into future equity investment opportunities.

Schedule 15 Minute Discovery Call with a Note Advisor


Flexible Term:

Choice of 1, 2, 3 4 or 5-Year Term


Monthly Payments (Direct Deposit)

Fixed Rate Return:

6-10% (With Bonus)

Fixed-Income Promissory Note Offering

The Strategy

Speed of close is critical to securing the best investment opportunities in todays dynamic market. 

Leveraging the Fixed-Income Note strategy that VonFinch built its success from since 2016, we are offering this opportunity for our investors. 

These notes allow the firm to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the market today. VonFinch will primarily utilize the proceeds of the notes to finance and prefund investment offerings. 

The program is secured and backed by the investments that have been funded, and funds raised are used for pre-funding or refinancing indebtedness used to pre-fund deals, including prior series of Promissory Notes. Backed by the VonFinch Capital Balance Sheet, including General Partner and Management interest in projects currently owned.

The Experience

Investors will be able to track their Promissory Note investment progress and interest payments in their portfolio with specific updates regarding the interest earned, and length of term remaining. Specific information regarding the offerings funded using note proceeds will not be shared. 

Notes are an Income-Focused product that aims to accommodate investor liquidity needs while also helping to support the growth of future investment opportunities on the VonFinch platform. 

Delivering expected monthly interest payments and a variety of term options. VonFinch demonstrates its commitment by backing notes against the VonFinch Capital balance sheet, in addition to the investments that have been funded, and funds raised are used for pre-funding or refinancing indebtedness used to pre-fund deals. 

Experience a seamless investing process with no management fees, and make investments without the need to upload personal financial documents for certain notes available to self-attested accredited investors.

Introducing VonFinch Promissory Note Program

Investment Strategy And Performance

The Program is designed to help investors strategically manage cash while planning their next investment move. Since its inception in January 2016, VonFinch has funded and pre-funded over $50 Million in offerings across singlefamily and multifamily real estate asset classes. Approximately $24 million has been deployed through Promissory Notes across 156 offerings, with 156 repaid in full upon maturity. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future results. 

In today’s inflationary environment, optimizing cash returns is crucial for preventing portfolio underperformance. The Program offers a potential solution for investors seeking to de-risk their portfolios while avoiding low-yield money market funds or CDs.

Capital Structure And Cash Flow

Investments made through the The Program may include positions across the capital structure, such as debt and equity across all asset classes offered by VonFinch. In certain cases, senior leverage facilities may be used, with notes backed by a subordinated interest in the underlying collateral. Investors can expect to receive monthly interest payments at a fixed target net annualized yield, with principal repayment at maturity.

Earn interest on your money, while waiting for your next VonFinch Investment. Note Investors have the option to transfer principle of note to available VonFinch Offerings with written approval by manager and 60 day notice based on availability of funds. See Subscription Documents for details.

Limited Notes Available. Lock In The Best Rates Available Today.
Future Offering Terms Offered By VonFinch Are Subject To Change.

Vonfinch Promissory Note Terms


$50,000 Investment


Choice Of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-Year Term.

Start Date

1st Of The Month

Manager Fees

Zero Fees Paid To Manager


Monthly Payments (Direct Deposit)


Repaid At Maturity

Rate Offering

1-2 Year Term
$50,000 - 6% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
$100,000 - 7% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
$200,000+ - 8% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

3-5 Year Term
$50,000 - 7% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
$100,000 - 8% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
$200,000+ - 9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Bonus Rates

1% Points Paid At Redemption To Investor
   - Note Term 2+ Year - $50k and Above

3% Points Paid At Redemption To Investor
   - Note Term 2+ Year - $200k and Above

Payment Options

1. Monthly Payment
   - Principal Paid At Maturity

2. Compounded Monthly
- Interest & Principal Paid At Maturity

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is A Promissory Note?

A Promissory Note is a legally binding written agreement that promises to pay you interest at a specific rate and frequency, and repay your principal (the original amount you invest) on a predetermined date. Review a Sample Promissory Note.

Q: Can I Use My Self-Directed IRA?

Yes, this investment opportunity allows you to make use of yourself-directed traditional IRA or Roth IRA. We can recommend several custodian companies that manage the necessary paperwork and hold your IRA while your funds are invested with us.

Q: Is There A Minimum Investment?

The current minimum investment is set at $50,000, but this amount is subject to change.

Q: Who Can Invest?

To invest, you must be a self-attested accredited investor as defined by the SEC under Rule 501.

Q: What Fees Do You Charge?

VonFinch Capital charges no management fees. The company generates profit from the investments and loans it originates for businesses and investment opportunities it underwrites.

Q: How Do I Invest?

When you’re prepared to invest, simply schedule a call or request a copy of the Promissory Note. We’ll walk you the process, managing and tracking your investment within our investor portal

Q: How Do I Withdraw My Investment?

Upon the maturity of your Note, your principal is automatically returned to your funding account. At that time, you may choose to reinvest your principal if additional investment opportunities are available.

Q: What Tax Forms Are Provided?

Each year, VonFinch Capital provides investors with IRS Form 1099 - INT.

Q: What If I Have Additional Questions?

Navigating the world of finance can be challenging, especially with its complex terminology. For more information and an no-obligation conversation, please feel free to contact VonFinch.

Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation to sell securities.
Please review the appropriate disclosure documents for appropriately qualified investors.




Total Interest Monthly

Total Interest Compounded


1 Year

6% Interest - $3,000

6.17% Interest - $3,084


3 Years

7.33% Interest - $11,000

8.10% Interest - $12,146


1 Year

7% Interest - $7,000

7.23% Interest - $7,229


3 Years

8.33% Interest - $25,000

9.34% Interest - $28,024


1 Year

8% Interest - $16,000

8.30% Interest - $16,600


3 Years

10.33% Interest - $62,000

11.94% Interest - $71,636

*Rounded to the nearest dollar.

Limited Notes Available. Lock In The Best Rates Available Today.
Future Offering Terms Offered By VonFinch Are Subject To Change.