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Help Others Live A Better Life Everyday Through Real Estate 
The Investor Mindset Way
Compounding Wealth Together
Real Estate Investing is built through productive partnerships, bringing people with experience together with capital to create success compounded together. 

This asymmetric risk vs. reward leads to better returns for our investors, while limiting the risk, creating the perfect combination of capital preservation with portfolio growth. 

Simply put we Compound Wealth Together.
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Commercial Core Team
Steven Pesavento
Serial Entrepreneur and Podcaster he is known for delivering consistent double digit returns to his investors. As managing partner for one of Raleigh's largest investment firms he has done over $25 million dollars in transactions. 
As Director of Investor Relations you'll find him speaking at events and is the primary contact for VonFinch Commercial acquisitions. Providing deal flow to accelerate our investors consistent returns through Multifamily real estate. 

Proud host of the Top 200 Ranked Podcast "The Investor Mindset" Show. Steven was invited to join the Forbes NY business council, an invitation-only community of topflight companies and executives.  
Operational Partners
LightHouse brings extensive experience and market insight that provides a proactive, long-term solution to every investment opportunity. The team brings over 30 years of property management experience encompassing over 25,000 units nationwide. With 50 years of construction experience on project sizes range from small renovations to the complete vertical construction of multi-family properties. Projects range from $50,000 to $10,000,000. 

Their experienced Managers think like successful owners, which allows us to make our number one goal to protect our owners, their investors and their investments while maximizing the asset potential.


Integrity Holdings Group is a real estate investment firm that acquires value-add properties with a specific focus on multifamily and self storage in the Southeastern and Midwestern US. Our management team has a combined 34 years of real estate experience and demonstrated expertise in relationship building, identifying attractive investments, executing efficient management techniques that maximizes investor yield. 

 Integrity Holdings is focused on identifying assets which have current in-place cash flow and strong returns through various value-add improvements. Integrity Holdings Group’s stringent underwriting process and guidelines offer investors higher than average, risk adjusted returns   


"I trust the team behind VonFinch. I've known & invested with the owners for years and they are the type of people who do the right thing."
Mathew Owens
CoFound Of OCG Properties
Investment Philosophy
  • Real Estate Builds Wealth better than any other investment vehicle
  • No other investment class has 4 ways to provide returns: Cash Flow, Appreciation, Amortization, Depreciation
  • ​The U.S Has Become a Nations of Renters
  • Home Affordability, Economic Uncertainty and a shift in the mentality of the American Dream has made renting, not owning, the new normal
  • ​The SouthEast & Midwest is better-positioned to capitalize on population & job growth than any other state.
  • ​A business-friendly environment, strong employment opportunity and family affordability are key market targets to look for in a strong market. 
VonFinch Commercial Partners is a national multifamily investment firm who sponsors deals with our partners across the Southeast and Midwest metros. We partner with experienced operators, who have track record of success, to ensure our investors are placing capital in with projects that can deliver. 

VonFinch Commercial is focused on major metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s) which demonstrate consistent rent growth, low vacancy and a growing Real GDP.

The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding.
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