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We help our clients add private real estate investments to their portfolios passively by curating vetted investment real estate deals from across our sponsor network.

Investment Real Estate is a critical part of any diversified investment portfolio. Yet so few busy-professionals & entrepreneurs hold real estate because they lack the time, expertise or relationships to invest. This leads to holding nearly all or majority of their networth in the Stock market or traditional assets. 
There are three main problems that we’ve seen with this.
1. First, many aren’t even aware that there is an option of investing in real estate without being the direct owner-manager - retaining all the credit & liability risk.
2. Second, those that do believe they are limited to public REITs which have their downsides or they lack the knowledge, time, experience and network of experienced real estate operators & sponsors - to confidently invest institutional quality real estate projects.

3. Third, many investors' portfolios are heavily weighted in one asset class - typically stocks & publicly traded assets. Leading to a lack of diversification.

Diversification is a critical component of creating financial independence because it spreads out risk - which often leads to increased predictability & consistency of outcome. This is something nearly all of us want when investing. 
To overcome these challenges...
We’ve built a network of sponsor relationships with vetted top-tier real estate operators from around the country. Our network of investors gains access to institutional-quality, private real estate investments that are not available to the general public.

All of which simplifies the process of investing passively in real estate.
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Investment Manager
Steven Pesavento
Steven Pesavento is a real estate entrepreneur and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Investing full time since 2016, he’s completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 houses and transacted over $26,000,000 in residential investment real estate. Steven’s investors have entrusted him with over $11 million of investor capital, delivering solid consistent returns. 

A former Management Consultant for some of the Fortune 500’s top companies, he brings his years of process improvement, marketing and sales experiences to every project. Steven graduated with honors from prestigious St. John's University in 2011 and is active in multiple charities including working with youth teaching business with Junior Achievement. 

Host of the top ranked podcast the Investor Mindset he interviews some of the smartest minds & authors like Chris Voss - Never Split The Difference, Jay Papasan - One Thing, Joe Fairless - Best Ever Podcast, Mark Manson - Subtle Art of Not Giving A F&#k and many others. 
"I trust the team behind VonFinch. I've known & invested with the owners for years and they are the type of people who do the right thing."
Mathew Owens
CoFound Of OCG Properties
Investment Philosophy
  • Real Estate Builds Wealth better than any other investment vehicle
  • No other investment class has 4 ways to provide returns: Cash Flow, Appreciation, Amortization, Depreciation
  • ​The U.S Has Become a Nations of Renters
  • Home Affordability, Economic Uncertainty and a shift in the mentality of the American Dream has made renting, not owning, the new normal
  • ​The SouthEast & Midwest is better-positioned to capitalize on population & job growth than any other state.
  • ​A business-friendly environment, strong employment opportunity and family affordability are key market targets to look for in a strong market. 
At VonFinch Capital our goal is
1. To provide investors with consistent stable returns all while protecting their capital from market corrections. 
2. We accomplish this by investing in recession resistant assets, that provide downside protection, while delivering exceptional returns.  
We Believe That
Partnership & diversification are two keys to investing success. 
Through strategic partnerships with experts operators, who have 10+ years of experience, have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in multifamily assets and have learned from experience - is the quickest & most effective way to reduce risk and ensure stability. 

When these partnerships are paired with diversification across properties, markets, operators and asset classes all lead to increased stability within your portfolio (and ours). 
VonFinch Capital is focused on major metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s) which demonstrate consistent rent growth, low vacancy and a growing Real GDP. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding. - All Rights Reserved