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VonFinch Capital provides access to top tier institutional
investments for members of our Private Capital Network.

Our network primarily caters to the needs of accredited investors. However, we serve a small handful of non-accredited investors who we, with time, established a good partnership. If you are non-accredited please submit your request with the form below, so that we can begin to build our relationship and understand how we can best work together. To ensure the right fit, for both parties, we require a telephone conversation to evaluate the suitability to join our investor network. We look forward to serving you.

Not sure if you’re Accredited?

“I’m a full-time investor. I flipped over 1,000 houses. I have $20 million lent out to flippers in different markets around the country. We see a lot of different investors in different ways. I have to tell you that VonFinch is at the top of the list, with regard to quality and ethics and doing what they say. Thank you very much, Steven and VonFinch. Appreciate everything you guys do. Glad to work with you guys again in the future. Thanks a lot.” Matt Owens

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At VonFinch Capital our goal is to provide investors with consistent stable returns all while protecting their capital from market corrections. We accomplish this by sourcing great deals in growing markets across the country, hiring & partnering top tier management operators and pairing with our clients capital.

We Believe that Partnership & diversification are two keys to investing success.

Through partnerships with experts who have a decade or more of experience, have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in multifamily assets and have learned from experience – is the quickest & most effective way to reduce risk and ensure stability. Creating an alignment of interest from start to finish.

Core Values and Culture: Growth, Giving, Gratitude, Freedom, Flexibility & Fun

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