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Institutional Multifamily Investment for Accredited Investors
This Offering is only Available to Accredited Investors. 
This is not a public offering. 
WayMaker was launched in close partnership with Apartment Life with the goal of transforming communities through “Love Your Neighbor” strategy in a fund that pursues compelling risk-adjusted financial returns. 

The strategy invests in cash-flowing Class B assets in fast-growing sunbelt cities that need our team’s operational, software, and community expertise to improve the lives of residents and improve net operating income. 

The WayMaker investment committee is comprised of 10 titans in the multi-family industry who have more than 2,000 transactions of experience and manage more than 1,000,000 units valued at approximately $100 Billion.  

Rick  Graf 
3rd Largest Multifamily Operator in World - 
Operating over 139,000 units

Roger Beless
COO , Streetlights Residential 
Owner of 15,000+ Apartment Units in Dallas

Bobby  Page 
Founder, JPI
Over $14 Billion in Transactions 

Jay  Parsons
Deputy Chief Economist , RealPage
Nationally recognized on economist

Steve Vecchitto
Founder , Advenir 
Owner of over 13,000 units
Tom  Bumpass 
Exec. Managing Dir. Greystar 
Largest multifamily operator in the world. 
Operating over 690,000 units

Brian  Natwick 
President , Crescent Communities 
Owner of 20,000+ unit portfolio

Brad Taylor
Over $14 Billion in Transactions

Keith  Dunkin 
SVP Asset Optimization, RealPage
Technology leveraged across 18M units with $1B+ in revenue

Wade  Myers
Founder , RealManage
Serial CEO & Fund Manager 
Institutional Elites
Exceptional Experience. 
Exceptional Track Record.
Description: A faith-based non-profit that recruits, trains, and manage coordinators that work with apartment communities and manage events, parties, and socializing to build a sense of community 
Mission:Transform Communities and Lives through Real Estate
Impact: Measurable financial and spiritual impact

Business Relationship: WayMaker was founded and governed by current and former Apartment Life Board Members

Financial Relationship: Apartment Life receives 15% of GP profit


VonFinch is able to provide access to institutional grade experienced team, 
returns & diversification through investment into WayMaker Real Estate Fund.
Direct investment into WayMaker carries a Minimum Investment of $1 Million
making it inaccessible to most retail investors.
However through our relationship, the Mission of Multifamily 
Fund I offers reduced investment minimums of $50,000,  
while delivering similar investor returns

Institutional Experienced Team.
Lower Retail Minimums.
Diversified Returns.

Proven Asset Class
Consistently a leading 
asset class

Class B Properties 
Historically recession-resistant

Stabilized Properties
Lower risk than new development or renovation
Proven Strategy
Market Selection
Higher returns & 
lower volatility since 2008*

3rdParty Operators
Same as many Wall Street Investors

Technology Value Add
Same as all Public REITs
* Jay Parsons PREA Quarterly Fall 2018
Access WayMaker via
Mission of Multifamily, Fund I
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This Offering is only Available to Accredited Investors. 
This is not a public offering. 
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